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Website design changes with the landscape; it is not just about SEO, design and content anymore but about the truly immersive patient experience; from the first click to the lasting impression. When setting up your medical or dental practice, it’s easy to only focus on the services you provide, where you’re situated and where to find you but a truly well-designed goes beyond service pages and CTAs. It is all about adding an integrated marketing strategy that echoes your values, practices, your services and who you are as a practice.

Your brand, your story and your purpose should all be incorporated into a customised and tailored digital strategies that leverage your experience and USPs whilst managing the complexities and nuances that make your field unique.

1. Crestwood Family Practice

designed by AEK Media

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Crestwood Family Practice’s website is a prime example of how web design can reflect healthcare values. Its elegant layout, user-friendly features, and emphasis on convenience mirror the care and expertise they offer. The soothing blue and white color scheme sets a trustworthy and calming tone.

The site blends practicality, usability, and responsiveness, catering to users of all backgrounds. Large fonts and icons make navigation easy for everyone. It’s adaptable to various devices, ensuring a seamless experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

In this era of convenience, their online booking system simplifies appointment scheduling. The user-centric service page provides clear, concise information without overwhelming visitors. Easy navigation enhances the patient-focused experience.

Crestwood Family Practice’s website embodies their commitment to patient care, accessibility, and excellence in family medicine. It stands as a testament to their dedication to providing high-quality healthcare services.

2. Narrabeen Dental Care

designed by AEK Media

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Narrabeen Dental Care’s user-friendly website has an exemplary online presence for a dental practice. From its soothing blue and white colour scheme with matching logo to its prominent banners and testimonial carousels, the consistent branding instils familiarity and trust and underscores its commitment to attention to detail and professionalism.

Its user-friendly interface, easy-to-navigate menu and powerful and responsive design seamlessly guide visitors to essential services and are accessible on all devices, allowing visitors to get access to information and book online anywhere and on any device, for a tailored and seamless user experience.

Their thoughtfully crafted content and access to a 24/7 sign-up form and prominent banners with online appointment booking and clearly visible call-to-action button echo their ethos and dedication to bringing a positive dental experience to anyone, anywhere and whatever their need.

3. Grand Street Dental

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Grand Street Dental claims to “uses wit, warmth, and creativity,” and it truly lives up to this description by reimagining the dental experience in a refreshing way.

Right from the moment you land on their website, this innovative approach becomes evident. Describing the website as a novel take on dental practice platforms would be an understatement; it’s a captivating journey that seamlessly blends abstract shapes, photography, and captivating typography. In fact, browsing the website feels like wandering through a contemporary art gallery.

The fusion of stunning aesthetics with practical functionality elevates this website beyond mere visual appeal. The website boasts a user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless and effortless navigation, with convenient features such as online booking and readily accessible information about services and other information such as insurance that are important to busy patients in NYC.

The website strips away the norms of traditional dentistry and medical sites and truly provides a unique patient experience. By incorporating soothing colours and presenting information in an easily digestible format, it manages to dispel the usual clinical atmosphere and instead cultivates an environment of comfort and reassurance, assuring patients that their well-being is the top priority.

It is no surprise that it has been mentioned in both New York Magazine and Forbes and is definitely no surprise it’s part of our top 10 too!

4. Fox Orthodontics

designed by AEK Media

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Fox Orthodontics is known for its family-first approach to dentistry. When you first land on the Fox Orthodontics website, you’re immediately welcomed by a vibrant banner featuring a family with warm, smiling faces echoing the practices ethos and philosophy of quality orthodontic services for the whole family in a friendly, personalised environment.

The bright and cheerful colour scheme and the catchy slogan, “We create smiles that last a lifetime,” perfectly represent their brand and the contemporary yet inviting ambience that awaits visitors on both the website and at the practice itself.

The website seamlessly integrates modern design, brand identity, and SEO optimisation, featuring a user-friendly menu with intuitive icons for each section, along with convenient online consultation and booking options which simplifies the process for potential clients to get in touch.

Furthering the website’s appeal is its responsiveness – an essential feature in today’s multifaceted device landscape. The site effortlessly adapts to various screen sizes, ensuring that visitors can access information and book online from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the experience remains seamless and user-friendly.

By incorporating soothing colours and presenting information in an easily digestible format, it manages to dispel the usual clinical atmosphere and instead cultivates an environment of comfort and reassurance, assuring patients that their well-being is the top priority.

5. Studio Dental

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Often we say that SEO is one of the top if not the most, important thing for a great marketing strategy. And we still stand by this statement.

But when presented with such a beautifully-designed website as Studio Dental we can not help our attention being drawn by the easy navigation, the simple yet powerful design, the fantastic eye-catching photography and the book online button.

The colours and the use of dark-toned photography are a far cry from the white, clinical and sterile aesthetics of traditional medical practices. The website is designed so that your eyes are immediately drawn to the purpose of it; to get you to book online. It is a simple tactic but a smart and effective strategy that we respect.

The user-centric service page serves as an informative guide letting clients know exactly what they provide with readily accessible information that provides exactly what the patient needs without overwhelming. Easy navigation ensures a user experience that harmonises seamlessly with patient needs.

Sure, the copy is brief which can often hinder SEO optimisation but the contemporary and aesthetically pleasing design approach could be aptly described as nothing short of a masterpiece.

6. ST&A Psychology

designed by AEK Media

Designing a website for experienced therapists is about conveying expertise and aligning with the practice’s values. ST&A Psychology’s website achieves this by showcasing their experience and dedication to accessible, client-centered therapy.

A standout feature is the sticky header, ensuring easy navigation and emphasizing professionalism as users explore services. On mobile, sticky call-to-actions make key actions readily available, enhancing accessibility.

Clear fee information is integrated, reflecting transparency and trust. The site’s styling and color palette create familiarity and trust.

The website allows browsing and booking with therapists directly, streamlining the process and connecting clients with the right therapist. It prioritizes convenience and a smooth patient onboarding experience.

7. Swish Dental

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Swish Dental (Mitchelton) aims to provide quality dental services in a comfortable environment and that is exactly what their website also aims to do.

It may sometimes seem like an impossible task to set a dental or medical website apart from competitors with a unique voice or design. But that is exactly where Swish Dental website design nails it.
We don’t often explain a dentist as energetic and playful but these are the words to describe this modern dentist whose target audience and primary focus is a younger demographic.

From the bright colours, playful imagery and movement, thoughtfully crafted touch-in-cheek content and language and overall design it’s clear that Swish Dental knows its market and is taking a different approach to dentistry.

Not only is the design unique but also their patient referral incentive featuring promos and contact form designed to look like an instant messaging platform. Not only does that cater to their market but also their marketing strategy with promotions to bring in new patients and build brand loyalty.

The website is new, different and fresh. As the website says “Seeing the dentist just got cooler”.

8. The Gleamery

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Catering to a more youthful demographic, The Gleamery stands out as another prime example. With the bold assertion of transforming your dental journey from “urgh” to extraordinary, their website undeniably lives up to this promise.

The website impeccably blends tone, contemporary design trends, brand identity, and SEO optimisation. Often we find heavily branded websites that finely hone their tone and prioritise design inadvertently relegating SEO to a secondary role. But here we find it is a perfect dance between the patient experience, SEO and designing a website that just works. For everyone involved. Not just the clients, but for the marketing and sales teams.

What sets The Gleamery website apart and one of the reasons it really stood out to us is its ability to adeptly weave concise sentences while seamlessly incorporating essential keywords for prime SEO optimisation. All packaged in a client-centric, easy-to-navigate design.

The information is all there packaged in a client-centric, easy-to-navigate design.

From font choices, to copy to imagery this website fully understands its patient and its brand for that full patient experience.

9. Dntl Bar

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When a dentist claims to be “dental for the people” then you come to expect a practice that puts client experience before all else. And this is just what Dntl Bar website achieves.

The trendy website has a site to match featuring a simple and mobile-friendly design and is packed with convenient, patient-focused features and a simple-to-navigate menu. They bring a personalised touch to dentistry with original images and branded videos that showcase who they are and the quality of care they provide.

Their photos are laid-back, pulling away from the ‘professional-in-white-coat’ traditional dentistry and showing the team behind the business.

Their thoughtfully crafted content echoes their ethos that dentistry should be accessible to all with a full range of services at times that work for you and that they strive to provide top-quality care and “put you at the center of your dental health”. It is clear that they are determined to provide a website that is for the people and that is exactly what they have achieved.

10. Bespoke Dental Studios

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The term “bespoke” invariably shines when discussing custom website design. “Bespoke” aligns precisely with your brand, your style, your clientele, and your narrative. It serves as a mirror reflecting your distinctiveness, articulating the reasons why a patient should choose you over your competitors.

In the context of Bespoke Dental Studios’ website, the bespoke approach isn’t just confined to their name. Every aspect embodies uniqueness and tailor-made refinement. From cutting-edge design and sleek contours to contemporary graphics, the website seamlessly marries timeless sophistication with a modern, laid-back professionalism that eloquently conveys the brand’s ethos and the modern dental journey.

Upon entering the website, a video warmly welcomes you, inviting you to step into the practice for an immersive experience that perfectly sets the website’s tone.

The website is a seamless blend of simplicity, elegance, and a bespoke touch that exudes a genuine sense of welcome and intrigue.

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Article by AEK Media

October 6, 2023

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