We're the agency you didn't know you need.

We’ve won awards from some of the most prestigious marketing groups & platforms out there, but we realise you’ve probably never heard of us.

Why do you need us? Put simply, it’s because we care about your business as if it’s our own.

We’re the Goldie locks agency that’s not too big to treat your business a number, but we’re a team of local high-performance marketers & web designers that each have our own entrepreneurial journeys that have deeply informed our knowledge & approach.

We know digital and leverage our multi-disciplinary team to create growth in your organisation with the care and attention to detail that we wish we received when we were on our journeys for our own businesses.

We’ve been on your side, and we’ve come to this side to set a new standard of what’s expected of an agency.

Meet AEK Media, we’re NOT
your traditional agency.

From initial discovery sessions where we take the time to learn the ins-and-outs of your
business, objectives and brand; to developing a custom-built strategy that maximises your growth potential.

Built on core principals that focus
on fundamentals.

Right Customer, Right Platform, Right Time.

Teaching our clients that their goals are possible, with an approach unique to their business.

Adapt and Scale.

We work methodically to strategically overcome your competition at each touchpoint.

Using Data Aesthetically:

We tell visually creative stories guided by a methodical process of SEO and keyword research.

Make Every Component Count:

Respecting each component to create a holistic representation of your business across all areas and parts of the marketing funnel. 

Customised Solutions:

We are proactive in problem-solving instead of using a cookie-cutter approach. We create solutions as unique as our clients’ businesses.

Driving Growth, Not Traffic:

Growing our clients in a way that is meaningful to them, whether that’s increasing order values or retaining their current customer base. 

Don’t take our word for it, hear from
businesses like yours.

That have led to consistent, real
world results.

Our key values.

Keep It Strategic

Focus on the high-impact actions that directly align with the shared goal.

No Black Boxes

Don't accept things at face value. A true understanding of the inner workings allows you to create strategies that produce results, rather than platitudes.

Do Things Today, Not Tomorrow

Rapid Growth doesn’t come without efficient execution. In a fast moving environment, speed to market is critical.

Open Forum. AEK Is A Meritocracy

At AEK Media the best ideas win, hierarchy doesn't. It's important we help foster the great ideas to produce great results.

Don’t Avoid The Details

Within the details are an opportunity to be different. Outperform through your care & curiosity to learn.

Consider The Commercial

Build pragmatic strategies that fit within the boundaries of commercial complexities.

Get an Integrated Marketing Audit

Our team

Your marketing approach should revolve around your customer journey. We’re experienced across all digital
channels to ensure you’re reaching your customer at the crucial points.

A holistic solution for the modern customer journey.

Your marketing approach should revolve around your customer journey. We’re experienced across all digital channels to ensure you’re reaching your customer at the crucial points.

Web Design & Development

We develop high converting sites that are thoroughly integrated with your product and brand, leveraging leading conversion-based principles. Specialising in WordPress, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce,Shopify and Magento.


We tell effective narratives across different customer touch points that layer in the unique selling points of your product, services and business to drive sustainable growth.

Email Marketing

Growth-focused brands need automation in their sales process to maximise results. A highly targeted and relevant email campaign utilising advanced tools that provide complex segmentation, with targeted and event based offers have a direct influence on sales and profits.

Paid Advertising

We devise an a strategic and intricate setup that captures both the art of selling your product, with the science involved in effectively utilising the data Googles provides us across various biddable media platforms to make this a core and positive ROI sales channel.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO Principles are based off the core of elements of Google & how it registers search intent. We will develop a tailored approach that ensures you're present when you customers at searching.

Learn how we can help your practice.


Our Journey

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We look forward to seeing you!

AEK Media is located in the heart of Crows Nest.