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How We Increased Kanvas Beauty's Sales by 757% in 8 Months.

With our specialist integrated marketing approach.

Google Ads

Facebook Ads


Semrush 2021 Winner:
Best Integrated Campaign

Australian Web Awards Finalist: Digital Marketing

Australian Marketing Institute - Marketing Excellence Finalist: Integrated Campaign

What we achieved.

A selection of the goals we achieved for Kanvas Beauty.

Increase in Revenue

Increase in Organic Search Traffic via Search Engine Optimisations

Keywords Ranking on Google

The Challenge.

Kanvas Beauty is new boutique online skincare retailer that sells holy-grail and hard-to-find products from around the world, with the primary goal of helping educate Australian women on effective new beauty brands and provide an agnostic range for those whove not been able to find solutions to suit their skin colour, conditions, or tone.

Our biggest challenge was to educate potential customers about Kanvas Beauty’s story as it is a new brand with very little recognition in the market. This added layer to our funnel helped to reduce costs by building a stronger relationship with our audiences, as the beauty industry is widely known for its high barriers to entry in both paid advertising and organic search.

Key Issues

No Previous Advertising Data / Broken Website Theme

With the lack of resources to leverage, we needed a strategic approach that captured audiences early in their buying journey.

Highly Competitive Industry

Building brand presence from scratch and competing with established beauty brands in the market.

Goals for growth.

Our core goals to acheive digital success for Kanvas Beauty.

Dominate Online Presence

Reach more of our target customers across all points of the customer journey.

Creating a Sustainabe Cost per Purchase

Reached interested visitors at the right place, at the right time to generate an estimated return on ad spend of 21x.

Establish a Long Term Strategy

Build the foundations for growth across all key channels.

Our Approach.

By approaching Kanvas Beauty’s target customers with a multi-channel strategy, we achieved a monthly sales volume higher than ever before while also reducing the average cost to acquire a customer.

We worked with Kanvas Beauty to create buying guides that addressed these queries while also providing a solution with specific product recommendations.

To maximise our profitability and allow Kanvas to continue investing in new stock, we needed to reach targeted customers who were already somewhat educated about our stocked brands and inherently had a higher conversion rate.  

Facebook Commercial for New Audiences

We designed and produced a custom, high-intent video tailored for Facebook Advertising to attract new customers to start building our sales funnel.

Targeted Re-marketing Funnel

Established a tailored remarketing campaign that targeted our warm audience.

Introduced Tailored Marketing Funnel

We implemented an integrated marketing strategy where when people search for cosmetic brands, we are present on Google Shopping and organic listing.

Target audience & strategy.

As a new business with limited capital, it was essential that we provided positive cash flow and help Kanvas carefully balance their investments between marketing and new stock to ensure the long-term success of the brand.  

At these early stages, we chose a subset of audiences that consisted of the following scenarios:

  • Those looking to ‘build’ a skincare routine and needed a more personalised experience to introduce them to this world.
  • In-market buyers looking for unique trending brands curated and reviewed for them in a single location with fast shipping within Australia, specifically in categories with low availability such as Japanese and Korean Beauty Brands.
  • Those with underrepresented skin concerns (eczema) and tones, with larger brands focusing predominately on mass-market groups.

By focusing on these audiences, with a strong focus on creating a content-rich experience, we were able to navigate Kanvas Beauty’s website presence around the larger brands without going headon with them.

This is gives us a big advantage from Search Engine Optimisation perspective, as Kanvas Beauty is giving the level of detail in their content which big retailers don’t.

It's all about the
finer details.


Tackling stock availability as a startup.

We positioned Kanvas Beauty at the top of searches for their most popular products. Prioritising which products to optimise for sales, with a combination of looking at their inventory value and sorting through by brands/ product type. As a startup, it was crucial for Kanvas Beauty to manage its inventory well.
We keep an account of our stock availability to strategise our spending on Facebook and Google ads.


Strategic media buying to spread every dollar.

To have a chance competing against the large online retailers with a larger range of brands, stock, and marketing budget; we needed a strategic approach that stretched our low budget to capture audiences early in their buying journey. Hence, establishing trust through education and keeping more competitive campaigns hyper-focused to control costs (on more expensive but high intent channels like Google Shopping).

Implementation and Creativity.

We adopted an integrated campaign across:

  • SEO and Content Strategy
  • Google Shopping, YouTube, and Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation.

Tailored Content Strategy and Website Architecture to Drive Organic Growth  

  • We worked with Kanvas Beauty to create buying guides that addressed common customer queries while also providing a solution with specific product recommendations.
  • This turned into a key part of the marketing funnel and served as a low-cost customer acquisition method in our paid campaigns.

  • We employed an effective internal linking strategy between the highest authority pages on Kanvas’ website to these content-rich buying guides to build their strength, then leveraging these guides to further grow our top product and brand pages.

Keywords Ranking on First Page

Intent-Based Paid Marketing.

Serving Both Buying and Discovery Intent

To maximise our profitability and allow Kanvas to continue investing in new stock, we needed to reach targeted customers who were already somewhat educated about our stocked brands and inherently had a higher conversion rate.

Capitalise and Grow

Thereby, whilst it was great that we were ranking high organically, it is also crucial that we show in Google Shopping.

Building Brand Awareness.

  • These platforms allowed us to reach in-market customers and build a sizeable audience at a low cost, which was essential when competing with larger brands that had larger budgets across other channels.


  • Our Facebook ads were structured using Single Interest targeting pools to allow us to scale, whilst also leveraging lookalike audiences of our buying guides and product pages visitors.


  • As a result, these videos were viewed by 90,000 in-market individuals, and were responsible for at least 20% of our existing loyal repeat customers (customers who ordered more than once).

Quality Asset Creation.

To ensure we have a steady flow of new customers into our funnel whilst building brand awareness for Kanvas Beauty in the boutique skin care market, we produced and launched a set of tailored video ads on Facebook & Instagram. 

To truly communicate the boutique range and experience Kanvas Beauty offers online, we thought it will be best to design and produce custom marketing material such as videos, images, emails, and website graphics.

Video Production

Produced several video commercials for Facebook & Instagram.

Image Ad Design

Graphic design for our image adverts on all platforms.

Email Campaigns

Designing and scheduling monthly email marketing campaigns.

Testimonial Ad for Warm Individuals

Dynamic Product Remarketing

“Preet, Reinaldo, and the team are an instrumental part of our business, helping us to launch and capitalise on an effective SEO and social media strategy in a very competitive marketplace. They provide comprehensive reports and are a high-touch service with very gratifying results. ”

Anura Logan

Company Director at Kanvas Beauty

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