How we Increased Office Fitout Group’s leads by 115%

With our specialist integrated marketing approach.

What we achieved.

A selection of the goals we achieved for Office Fitout Group’s.

Keyword Rankings on first page of Google

Increase in Website Leads

Increase in Conversion Rate after website design update

The challenge.

Office Fitout Group specialises in professional workplace design and office fitouts in Sydney and the surrounding areas. OFG has worked with companies such as Qantas, Guzman Y Gomez, CSIRO and many other large companies.
Our main challenge was the lack of an effective SEO structure, poor converting landing page, and badly managed migration from the old website. Old website was launched with design prioritised design over function and storytelling.
Additionally, the website structure was not reflective of their track record as a business, especially with projects not being showcased effectively.
Despite a rebrand, OFG continued to struggle to grow its presence and traction online. They faced difficulties ranking for important terms on Google, combined with expensive cost of conversions on Google Ads.
It was critical to address the friction points that a buyer may have because OFG offers high-dollar-value products and services. These require a longer, in-depth storytelling approach across a variety of marketing channels to build trust and combat these friction points.

Key Issue

Design prioritised over function

Beautiful rebrand was done but storytelling aspects were lost, coherent messaging and clear CTAs were missing.

Ineffective migration from old website structure to new

The already limited SEO presence, was further damaged by a poor website migration.

No remarketing or concept of marketing funnel

The lack of leverageable resources meant a strategic approach was required instead to capture audiences early in their buying journey.

Goals for growth.

Our core goals to achieve digital success for Tasman Eco.

Dominate Online Presence

Reached more target customers across all points of the customer journey via Organic Search, Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

Creating Sustainable Cost per Lead

Reached interested visitors at the right place, right time, right channel to get lower cost per lead.

Establish a Long Term Strategy

Built the foundations for ongoing growth across all key channels.

Our approach.

By approaching OFG’s target customers with an integrated marketing strategy, we achieved a monthly sales volume higher than ever before whilst also reducing the average cost of customer acquisition.

Tailored Ads

Restructured Google campaign to be of distinctive design with focus on core services, and ensured ads were shown to target customers. Resulted in a more economical allocation of paid spend that reduced cost of a lead by 43%.

Website Redesign

Coupled website rebrand aesthetics and detailed storytelling content with SEO focus to balance wesbite function with design. Resulted in 2x increase in first page rankings.

High Cost Decisions Take Time

Designed and launched remarketing ads for website visitors who are interested in a fitout that built trust by showing previous fitouts, reviews and testimonials. Office fitout is a huge investment, we lengthened the marketing funnel to remind visitors to return and stay top of mind.

It's all about the finer details.

Reaching OFG's target customers across all touchpoints

Google Search Ads for key terms and fitout categories to ensure the company was top of the first page, whilst also ranking first page on core search terms.

Communicating details wrapped up in a visually elegant brand

Once we understood their customers’ length of buying journey, we designed specific campaigns with right mixture of SEO, Google ads and Facebook ads. We ensured we are leading the customer targeted information at every phase, from the research stage to the final decision stage.

Quality Asset Creation.

In a highly competitive market, we ensured we had a steady flow of new customers into our funnel. Whilst building brand awareness for Office Fitout Group, we produced and launched a set of tailored video ads on Facebook & Instagram.
To fully communicate the unique factors of OFG, we needed to promote our project page whilst using our project as a source of traffic.
We were aware of customers already in-market for an office fitout were given an idea of what OFG can offer. Thus, we thought it would be best to design and produce custom marketing material such as videos, images, emails, and website graphics.

Video Production

Branding that told a story was crucial in production of several video commercials for Facebook & Instagram.

Image Ad Design

Image adverts that built trust with the viewer across all stages of the buying journey.

Dynamic Product Remarketing
Core USP Remarketing

Search Engine Optimisation.

Tailored Content Strategy and Website Architecture to Drive Organic Growth through Search Engine Optimisations
  • We worked with OFG to create rich case study pages which prompted an emotional reaction. These stories helped address the pathway of a potential lead whilst providing the information around the technical and design aspect of a project.
  • As a result, a key part of the marketing funnel then served as a low-cost customer acquisition method in our paid campaigns.
  • We employed an effective internal linking strategy between the highest authority pages on OFG’s website to the rest of their service pages. We then leveraged the case studies to further improve OFG’s relevancy on their service pages.
  • Our approach ensured complete dominance of first page results and top rankings for core terms.
  • Our strategy was also geared long-tail for those in longer buying journey ensured that we had case study pages ranking and created hero articles to approach people in their research phase (for e.g. the latest Covid Transition Article).

Ranking for High-value Services.

As a result of our targeted efforts establishing OFG as an authority for office fitouts, we narrowed down on the high-value search terms and proceeded to dominate ranks in each vertical of their core services.

Service based search terms

Direct searches surrounding "Office Fitout" and services OFG offers.

Sydney and Non-Sydney Terms

Ensuring that we are ranking for service based keywords for both Sydney and non-Sydney Keywords.

Landing Page Design.

To compliment our efforts on the marketing front, we collaborated with Office Fitout Group to design targeted landing pages with a focus on conversion rate optimisation and SEO. Our changes have led to an increase in organic rankings and higher conversion rate for OFG.

142% Increase in Conversion Rate

By communicating a rich story that creates emotion, paired with social proofing to build the trust to convert.

38% Increase in Time on Page

Optimise for UX, UI and balancing brand versus content.

Dynamic Product Remarketing
Dynamic Product Remarketing

Hear from our client.

“We at Office Fitout Group have been working with Preet and the team for over 2 years now. Having churned through over 8 agencies who promised the world we can truly appreciate the level of service, professionalism and outcome that Preet and the team have been able to achieve for us.”

Anthony Eskief

Managing Director at Office Fitout Group

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