Website Design & Development

Website design changes with the landscape; it is not just about SEO, design and content anymore but about the truly immersive patient experience; from the first click to the lasting impression. When setting up your medical or dental practice, it’s easy to only focus on the services you provide, where you’re situated and where to […]

Search Engine Optimisations

What is SEO?


SEO. A small three-letter word that can grow your business in leaps and bounds if you know how to use it correctly. First, however, you must strip it all back to the basics and build your knowledge of search engines, how users interact with these search engines and how you can use this knowledge to […]

Search Engine Optimisations

What is Google Search Console?  Are you familiar with the term Google webmaster tool? If not, don’t worry, Google has renamed the platform in 2015 as Google Search Console to better describe its booming popularity with people outside webmasters. In fact, as of 2021, Google Search Console can now largely be considered a powerful marketing tool that enables […]

Google UTM Paramaters

What are UTM codes? Are you running an online store or website and wondering exactly where your traffic came from? Was it that recent Instagram promotion, are people clicking on the link in your email signature? Or perhaps you’re running a Facebook Ads campaign and want to double-check which ad your users came from. Google […]

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