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How We Increased CDLA's Leads By 467% Over 10 Months.

Focusing on organic growth with website optimisation.

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What we achieved.

A selection of the goals we achieved for CDLA.

Increase in High-value
Website Traffic
Position for
“Criminal Defence Lawyers”
New Keywords
Ranking on First Page
Average Position for
Office Location Searches

The challenge.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia (CDLA) is a Sydney based legal practise specialising in Criminal and Traffic Law. With over 20 years experience, CDLA are exclusively amongst the top senior criminal lawyers in Australia holding an exceptional track record of successfully getting charges dropped early.

CDLA and has built their business specifically in the organic search space with consistent and relevant legal content on current news events and changes to the law. This strategy had put CDLA on the ‘’SEO Map” with over 6000 Keywords ranking in different legal categories. However, with heavy competition in the legal space, it was proving to be a difficult task to rank high commercial intent keywords and to have the right pages rank to insure high lead conversion.

Key Issues

Incorrect Pages Ranking

Blog pages were ranking instead of CDLA's service pages, directing warm visitors to the wrong call-to-actions.

Limited Intent Keywords

CDLA was not ranking for commercial-intent keywords.

Low Volume of Keywords

Limited number of keywords across the different verticals that CDLA covers.

Goals for growth.

Core goals of growth to achieve online success.

Improve Rankings

Rank relevant key terms on specific high-margin services.

Increase Website Leads

Increase the volume of ranks for service pages to grow the total leads.

Improve Experience

Redesign the high-traffic pages with improved call-to-actions.

Before "71" KWs in Top 3 Positions.

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After "260" KWs in Top 3 Positions.

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Our approach.

Employing a pragmatic approach to SEO, we put CDLA’s business growth and lead conversion goals as the core objectives to the SEO Strategy. Understanding this led to the strategy focusing on one key product category being drink driving and this inherently paved the road to the most critical competitive keyword category, Criminal Lawyers.

Rank Low-Competition, High-Value Keywords

Build rankings CDLA's core services with lower competition to achieve an immediate growth in leads.

Establish CDLA's Organic Authority

Begin growing our authority on google with PR campaigns and quality backlink acquisition.

Rank High-Competition, High Volume Keywords

Target the main keywords for CDLA's services taking advantage of the authority and relevance we had established in the prior months.

Keywords Ranking on First Page

Cross Channel Marketing.

We build a custom growth plan tailored to your business that utilises multiple forms of digital marketing channels to provide the best possible results. We have customised digital marketing funnels that are focused on delivering real world results that are valuable to “Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia” 

Google Search "1st Position".

“Bail Applications NSW” 

Google Image "1st Position".

“Bail Applications NSW” 

YouTube Search "2nd Position".

“Bail Applications NSW” 

The key parts of a successful strategy.


Producing informative, highly-targeted blogs that cover popular in-market topics.

We worked with CDLA to narrow down on areas of opportunity surrounding criminal law, to establish hero articles in each vertical. This established CDLA as a leading source of trusted information which in turn benefited our rankings overall and trust with the customer to convert.


Building ranks CDLA's main services and the core "Criminal Lawyer" related terms.

Paired with the authority established from our content marketing, we went after high-volume terms that were proved to be highly competitive. Our tailored strategy proved successful, creating a foundation for his ranks and resulting in a 467% growth in leads.

Ranking for High-value Services.

As a result of our targeted efforts establishing CDLA as authority for criminal law, we narrowed down on the high-value search terms and proceeded to dominate ranks in each vertical.

Criminal Lawyers Terms

Direct searches surrounding "Criminal Lawyers".

Office Locations

Searches for criminal law services in our office locations.

Service Terms i.e. Drink Driving

Niche terms for CDLA's provided services.

Ranking for Discovery Searches.

In addition to the commercial-focused search terms, we established rankings for discovery search terms at the beginning of CDLA’s target customer’s journey. This grew CDLA’s exposure to in-market audiences and built a bond of a trust with customer’s early on.

Reach customers at the beginning of their journey.

Serve targeted content where customers are searching such as Google & Youtube to access customers earlier on.

Build relevance in niches to strengthen our authority.

By growing CDLA's presence across each vertical, we became a trusted source of information and in-turn grew our commercial keyword rankings.

“Absolute pleasure to work with this experienced team of professionals. They are now an integral part of our team who are perfectly tailored for small, medium & large businesses to generate leads and strategies.”
Jimmy Singh

Principal Lawyer

Ranking through relevance, not authority.

With limited backlinking, we were able to rank CDLA for highly-competitive search terms by establishing relevence through strategic terms in Google’s knowledge graph.

"Sydney Criminal Lawyers"

"Criminal Lawyers Sydney"

"Criminal Lawyers Wollongong"

"Criminal Lawyers Blacktown"

Our Pillar Services.

Technical SEO

A tailored SEO strategy that focused on both immediate and long-term results to drive through growth goals and establish CDLA as a leading Criminal Law Firm in Sydney.

Content Marketing

We worked closely with the Principle Lawyer at CDLA to produce customised, hero content that secured our relevance in each vertical of their business and boosted our rankings for core terms.
To compliment our search efforts, we designed and developed high-converting landing pages to direct our warm traffic to for each key office location.

YouTube Strategy

In addition, we cooperated with CDLA to produce informative videos on popular criminal law topics to generate social signals for our hero pages and build a foundation for growth on another platform.

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