We're a Google Shopping agency that maximises your ROI by understanding your products & customers.

No more lazy google shopping campaigns. At AEK Media, we bring you customised campaigns that boost your eCommerce revenue profitably through advanced audience segmentation and intent-based bidding.

and have been recognised for our unique approach.

By providing a shopping strategy that incorporates
your merchandising complexities.

Stock Issues

We’ve had first-hand experience in supply chain issues, supplier issues, & stock issues. We create campaigns that navigate these capacity issue.

Protect Margins

We take note of what products are the most profitable for you and do not simply focus on top-line sales.

Complex Shipping

Bulky item? Dead weight vs cubic weight? We’ve been there and we make sure that we bid on the right customer profitably.

Not all products are equal...

Branded Phone

  • Thin margins
  • Low cost shipping
  • Heavy brand searches


  • Thin margins
  • Low cost shipping
  • Heavy brand searches


  • Thin margins
  • Low cost shipping
  • Heavy brand searches

Branded Phone

  • Thin margins
  • Low cost shipping
  • Heavy brand searches
  • Napkins

  • High cubic weight
  • Thin margins
  • High shipping to cost ratio
  • Furniture

  • Heavy dead weight
  • High shipping costs
  • Region-based shipping
  • Product Level
    Bidding =

    Why is this needed? Because Google shopping has changed.

    Did you know? 49% of shoppers say they use google to find a new item or product (Google/Ipsos). 

    Google shopping is a critical part of capturing customers who already have ‘buying intent‘. 

    This makes Google shopping a critical part of your customer acquisition funnel. 

    However, Google shopping can produce wildly disparate results depending on how it’s setup and used across your range and customer journey.

    As Google shopping continue to evolve with the launch of smart campaigns and now have been replaced with Performance max. It’s becoming common that you have less control over where your money spent.

    No matter how good an automated campaign gets, they will not understand your range, margins, and what your customer values.

    Don’t get stuck with Google Shopping campaigns that solely depend on the price of your product.

    Let our advance, segmented, and priority-based campaigns find you customer at the right time, and cost. 

    Increased sales

    Advertise your best products and scale your sales.

    Customers with Buying Intent

    Target the right customers who are already interested in buying your products

    Increased ROI

    When managed efficiently, Google Shopping ads can easily capture high-intent searches at fractions of the cost of search campaigns.

    High Quality Traffic

    Bring higher quality traffic to your site that will improve your eCommerce metrics and improve the lookalike quality of your social media campaigns to leverage from.

    Our Google Shopping Services

    A Complete Setup for your start

    We analyse your store, its products and your business strategy to ensure sure feed is set up correctly. This allows our team to understand your business’s core marketing and sales needs.

    If you’re on an ecommerce platform, like Shopify or BigCommerce, we can connect your store to automatically add your products. We can also upload a spreadsheet or add items one-by-one.

    Adding free listings to your marketing mix can be easy and pain-free. Combined with Shopping ads, we can help you to reach and service even more customers at a time when overall demand in online retail is high.”

    Management of Your Product Feed

    Our shopping feed specialists operate as an extension of your team to optimize your Google shopping product feed.
    and sales needs.

    We optimise your Google Shopping product feed to make sure it’s search relevant, readable, and has increased potential for conversions.

    Your complex product feed data is converted into real, actionable marketing data that helps you better understand your target audience, demographics, and buyer behavior.

    Optimised Product Listings

    Because your products could be constantly changing and the details (like price, availability, colour range) can change as well, your Feed keeps those details up to date in your ads.

    The Google Product Feed extension enables you to build a portfolio to show your product information to the Google Merchant Center instantly. This saves you from having to manually change your product details on multiple platforms, for multiple SKUs, and multiple variables.

    We ensure that your product listings are clearly displayed with any additional information that can separate your products from your competitors.

    Google Shopping Strategies for Better Return on Ad Spend

    Our keyword analysis and bid optimisation strategies will ensure that our bids dynamically adjust to the estimated buying intention of each search term.

    Appearing as the first result doesent make much of a difference unless the search intent was higher.

    We ensure that your Google Shopping Campaigns are optimal at producing high value leads to your website for conversion

    A In-Depth Look at your Competitive Landscape

    The auction insights report lets you compare your performance with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions that you are.

    We can find some very interesting data about your competitors. We can look up new keywords, auction stats, and all kinds of useful information.

    Growth & Scale while keeping Profitability

    We will help scale your Google Shopping campaigns and factor in different elements of your growing business such as product inventory and vailability.

    We will ensure that profitability is given a priority as we scale your business.

    Hear from our clients

    How we’ve helped others.

    How We Grew Oricom's Sales by 1,471% In Just 6 Months

    Oricom is an Australian-owned business that has been providing communication and monitoring technologies since 2003. Oricom had experienced wide success with in-store and online retail stockists, especially with their success for designing and creating leading Australian baby monitors. As Oricom’s technology progressed, it was crucial for their online presence to grow alongside it.


    Increase in Revenue


    Increase in Brand Search on Google


    Return on Ad Spend on Google Ads

    Average 115% month-on-month growth in sales in their first year online.

    Tasman Eco specialises in creating beautiful and practical nursery furniture, with their experience and expertise that have made them a trusted brand within Australia.


    Avg. Month-on-month Sales Growth


    Search Impressions on Google


    Return on Ad Spend

    How We Increased Kanvas Beauty's Sales by 757% in 8 Months.

    By approaching Kanvas Beauty’s target customers with a multi-channel strategy, we achieved a monthly sales volume higher than ever before while also reducing the average cost to acquire a customer.


    Increase in Revenue


    Increase in Organic Search Traffic


    Keywords Ranking on Google