Why Tasman Eco chose BigCommerce to nurture
a realm of groundbreaking eCommerce innovation.

What we achieved.

A selection of the goals we achieved for Tasman Eco:

Avg. Month-on-Month Sales Growth 

Return on Ad Spend

Increase in Average Order Value

Search Impressions on Google

*Performance metrics compare September 2022 to September 2023.

The challenge

Tasman Eco specialises in creating beautiful and practical nursery furniture, with their experience and expertise that have made them a trusted brand within Australia. Their vision to help new parents create beautiful nursery spaces using globally sourced sustainable material, has helped more than one million Australian parents raise their own families.   

In 2021, the Tasman Eco business was strictly wholesale, and the new website was for information only. Today, Tasman Eco is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of nursery furniture and mattresses.   

Tasman Eco is a household name for Australian parents after beautiful and practical nursery furniture. Their success was previously exclusive to their physical stockists with no online sales presence, however were looking to build their Direct-to-Consumer brand given their limited control over their sales growth.   

Tasman Eco chose AEK Media because of their tangible experience running their own ecommerce stores within similar categories. A sophisticated integrated social media marketing funnel was deployed that guided parents through the multiple stages in their buying journey. After growing to 6 figure revenue per month in online sales within the first year, their goal was to now increase their monthly sales by 50% over the following year. 

Key Issues

Limited Ranking History or Domain Age

High barriers to entry in Paid  (CPM costs) and SEO (Large Retailer Competition) 

Consistent out of stock issues caused by High Demand following the initial Online Growth

Broad Price range catering to different audience groups, required varying messaging


To establish a solid online presence for your evolving needs, we crafted Tasman Eco’s fresh design using a headless approach that merges BigCommerce with WordPress. This strategy grants Tasman Eco a robust foundation to handle scaling demands as they expand while ensuring a rich customer experience through WordPress’s frontend capabilities. 

Our revamp of Tasman Eco’s website involves elevating its ecommerce functions by integrating the powerful BigCommerce backend. This enhancement includes various improvements such as website speed and user experience, enhancing the site’s overall performance. 

For an enriched customer journey conducive to growth, we harnessed the power of BigCommerce as our core platform, complemented by WordPress for the frontend. BigCommerce stands out as a highly advanced and scalable eCommerce solution, enabling businesses to accelerate growth and maximise potential without the complexities or expenses of traditional enterprise-grade platforms. It strikes a delicate balance between user-friendly accessibility and enterprise-level capabilities, offering a seamless experience for businesses aiming to thrive online. 

For marketing, we employed a sophisticated and visually appealing multi-stage social funnel approach in both website development and social media campaigns, resulting in reaching over 390,000 parents within a year and significant ecommerce growth. Our collaboration with Tasman Eco aimed to raise brand awareness in Australia and execute targeted social media marketing campaigns. We created diverse ad stories that guided and engaged parents at different stages of their purchasing journey. 

Key Objectives

An Industry-leading Customer Experience 

The power of a headless WordPress build gives the best of both worlds. Unrestricted visual customisation paired with trusted BigCommerce platform that’s suitable to scale. A visually compelling and content-rich design will uplift your visitor experience, whilst pairing conversion-optimisation techniques to ensure a strong ROI throughout digital marketing channels. 

A Scalable Future-proof Platform 

Moving Tasman Eco’s towards a scalable platform is critical, that can provide you immediate value but also cater to your future growth plans. Ensuring your website platform can scale and support your digital growth is crucial in protecting your initial investment. 

The stages of Tasman Eco's eCommerce transformation.

Building the Site to Maximise Online Presence 

Our main goal was to balance an attractive experience with SEO and marketing effectiveness. Given our primary expertise in digital growth, we guided Tasman Eco and help find pragmatic outcomes that address the two worlds. 

Grow Online Sales Profitably 

Grow the monthly sales amount by 50% within the next year whilst maintaining a 15% Ad Spend/Sales ratio. To sustain this, it was crucial we increased the average order value by at least 30% and reduced the cost of acquisition by increasing the Click-through rate of our ads with better-quality content & deeper understanding of the needs of Tasman Eco’s customers.


  • Scouting Ads for New Potential Customers – 71.22%
    increase in reach for social media advertising
  • Educational Discovery and Catalogue Remarketing Ads to Re-engage Visitors – 178.78% increase in pageviews
  • Upsell Ads to Increase AOV for packages – 19.55% increase in clicks

Expand Tasman Eco’s Presence and offset advertising costs 

Rank on the Top 3 positions with the BigCommerce site for their 3 main categories “compact cots”, “nursery furniture packages” (As these have a great average order value), “cot mattresses” & cot styles e.g. “timber cots”. 

Entrepreneurs who started an agency to help aspiring brands like yours.


AEK Media was founded by a serial eCommerce entrepreneur with an aim to form an agency that was built from the ground up to specialise in integrated marketing and website design and development. AEK Media’s campaigns are centred around a deep understanding of the customer journey, delivering content-rich and visually compelling funnels that are underpinned by nuanced technical execution. 

It was key that AEK Media was not pigeonholed by any predisposed incentives to ‘sell only what we offer’, ensuring we provide truly adaptive/customised approaches that are configured to the unique properties of each brand incorporating an underlying focus of educating, nurturing and converting the right customer, on the right channel at the right time. 

We avoid over-simplification of marketing funnels, and don’t templatise for the sake of margin. Instead, we take an approach that is focused on mapping audience segments and their respective path to conversion, moving away (as much as possible) from delivering ‘traditional’ digital services-based marketing of SEO, Paid Media, etc. 

Hear from our client.

“Totally Professional and have a very good understanding on developing a fully functional ecommerce platform that delivers results. Great bunch of guys to work with who are always willing to listen to our thoughts and ideas. We see them as a long term partner as we grow our online platforms. ”

Steve Cenatiempo

Director at Tasman Eco