How We Increased Montagio’s Bookings by over 115%.

With our specialist integrated marketing approach.

What we achieved.

A selection of the goals we achieved for Montagio

Increase in Custom Suit Tailoring Bookings

Increase in Organic Search Traffic via

Search Engine Optimisations

International Expansion to Canada from Australia

The challenge.

Named in GQ Magazine’s “Best Tailors and Suit Stores,” Montagio Custom Tailoring has paved the way for discerning men to get suited up with style. They offer a remarkably personal shopping experience and specialise in custom designed men’s suits, shirts and coats for business, weddings, formal and casual events.
AEK Media was tasked with growing Montagio’s online bookings. We planned the best way to achieve profitable sales volume online was with a multi-channel approach, designing and launching targeted ads across Facebook, Google and Instagram all while building Montagio’s organic presence to dominate organic search.

Key Issue

Limited Online Presence

With an unclear digital strategy, Montagio's was only reaching a portion of their target customers.

Substandard Online Experience

Montagio's experience to book didn't communicate the quality of service they provide.

High Competition

With the existing Google Ads campaign, the market was competitive with high costs.

Goals for growth.

Our core goals to achieve digital success for Tasman Eco.

Dominate Online Presence

Reach more of our target customers across all points of the customer journey.

Reduce Cost per Booking

Focus on targeting high-value audiences to ensure our ad-spend is effective as possible.

Establish a Long Term Strategy

Build the foundations for growth across all key channels.

Our approach.

By approaching Montagio’s target customers with a multi-channel strategy, we achieved a monthly sales volume higher than ever before while also reducing the average cost to acquire a customer by 28%.
We first accessed a targeted audience that were familiar with Montagio’s brand and introduced a re-marketing funnel.
With a profitable funnel established, we set our focus to acquiring a brand new customer base of customers who matched our target demographics across the key platforms.

Facebook Commercial for New Audiences

We designed and produced a custom, high-intent video tailored for Facebook Advertising to new customers.

Targeted Re-marketing Funnel

Established a tailored re-marketing campaign that reached interested visitors at the right place, in the right time to generate an estimated return on ad spend of 21x.

Introduced Landing Pages

Designed custom landing pages with our specialist conversion rate optimsation techniques to compliment our marketing efforts.

The key steps to a successful strategy.

Multi-channel marketing that creates a result greater than the sum of its parts.

We positioned Montagio at the top of searches for their key services. This consistency of presence built trst with our customers and fortified our bookings.

Custom marketing material & story to forge an emotional connection to convert.

By conveying the rich in-store experience within our online marketing story, we established an emotional connection with the customer to entice the conversion early on.

Quality Asset Creation.

To truly communicate the in-store experience Montagio offers online, we thought best to design and produce custom marketing material such as videos, images, emails and website graphics.

Video Production

Produced a number of video commercials for use across Facebook & Instagram.

Image Ad Design

Graphic design for our image adverts on all platforms.

Email Campaigns

Monthly email campaigns designed & scheduled.

Targeted Email Campaigns
Testimonial Ads for Warm Inidividuals

Implementation and Creativity.

We adopted an integrated campaign across:

21% Increase in Conversion Rate

By communicating a rich story that creates emotion, paired with social proofing to build the trust to convert.

13% Increase in Time on Page

As a result of a re-designed structure, optimised for user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Hear from our client.

“Over the past year they have excelled across all areas, providing marketing support as promised and offering important strategic input when necessary. I would recommend AEK to any company looking for an all-round marketing agency with a deep knowledge of all areas of online marketing, able to develop and execute strategically.”

Martin Scicluna

Director, Marketing & Strategy

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