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How we increased Discount Party Warehouse's eCommerce Sales by 130%

With our integrated marketing approach.

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

BigCommerce APAC 2021 Awards Winner:
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What we achieved.

A selection of the goals we achieved for Discount Party Warehouse.

Increase in sales from last year, whilst in lockdown.

Increase in new to brand visitors.

Increase in website purchase conversion rate.

Increase in average order value.

The challenge.

Discount Party Warehouse (DPW) is a versatile B2C business with both a physical location and online store. Their incredibly large range of products and supplies had yet to find success in online marketing. Prior to our involvement, DPW’s initial online experience resulted in a mishandled website migration by large marketing agency. This led them to conclude online marketing was not for DPW.  AEK Media was referred to DPW after learning of our integrated marketing approach with a strong track record for ROI throughout complex categories. Our customised marketing campaigns are content-rich and designed to strategically leverage each platform’s benefits for sales and strong ROI for our customers. We recognised there were several issues resulting in both search engines and users struggling to find key categories on DPW’s site. Ensuring we have a deep understanding of our client’s products’ and categories facilitates the opportunity for growth. We integrate our client’s knowledge and expertise is key to delivering digital stories that effectively nurture, educate, and convert traffic into growth. DPW was soon finding success in what was otherwise a challenging market during the COVID19 lockdown. 

Key Issues

Incorrect Pages Ranking

Lack of SEO strategy resulting in conflicting pages on search results for the same keywords or search terms.

Limited Intent Keywords

Weak website architecture that lacked an overall structure for 11,000+ product pages and 300+ categories.

Low Volume of Keywords

COVID19 impact prevented physical store sales, diverting their primary growth strategy to online.

Goals for growth.

Core goals of growth to achieve online success.

Improve Rankings

Profitable online growth through SEO, Facebook ads, Google Ads

Creating a Sustainabe Cost per Purchase

Reached in-market audience at the right place, at the right time.

Improve Experience

Increase Conversion Rates & Average Order Value

Our approach.

Our approach was driven by serving highly-relvant products to qualified audiences. This meant calculating the right stage, the right product and price to draw them into a larger shopping experience on DPW’s e-commerce store.  

Additionally, the challenges presented were our guide for delivering on the desired outcome of profitable online sales growth for DPW. We designed a marketing funnel that leveraged multiple channels SEO, Google Search and Shopping Ads, Facebook.  
Three primary examples: 

Click & Collect for COVID-impacted periods

Less foot traffic on physical locations, bringing people from online to door step by introducing the click and collect functionality on their website.

Online Merchandising

Product prioritisation (Sort Order) resulted at the top of the category page, listed products with more relevance and improved accuracy of category descriptions.

Rankings for Products

Due to a high number of out of stock products, DPW had suffered a loss of rankings. We deployed a new feature on the site to ensure items remained live but with an option to be notified when it was back in stock. This kept DPW’s rankings for products whilst providing a great customer experience.

Leveraging a Powerful Platform.

  • Leveraging HTML widgets and automated link redirection in the page builder for strategic categorisation. 
  • Introduction of the Notify Me functionality ensured that high traffic or out-of-stock products are still able to maintain their presence on Google to capture intent for ranking. 
  • Website Search Data on site allowed us to align merchandising for future categories and inform our keyword research. 
  • Automated Abandoned Checkout email flows automatically captured visitors leaving the website and offered an additional discount to entice the purchase. 
  • Store Pickup Capability allowed us to build additional sales for their retail store. 
  • Automatic Discounts assisted the sale and was leveraged for promotions that we pushed throughout ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google.  

Search Engine Optimisations.

DPW’s online presence most successful channels were through SEO and Google Shopping Ads. DPW saw a 110% increase in ranking of searched keywords on the first page (SERP) and a 96% increase keywords ranking, both on Google in Australia.  

  • The creation of shortened URLs resulted in unique landing pages that targeted core keywords. The website architecture was streamlined to be informative to both users and search engines alike.  
  • Reporting and analytics integration helped us navigate the attribution of each channel of the marketing funnel to answer the complex question of where DPW’s customers came from.
  • Effective internal linking strategy from strongest to weakest pages, resulting in the distribution of website strength across the entire site.

Keywords Ranking on First Page in Australia

Breaking down a winning strategy.

  • DPW’s website ranked on category and product level keywords/search terms on the first page of Google Australia. 
  • We improved the authority and relevancy of DPW’s website through site architecture improvements and off-page link building. 
  • Effective internal linking strategy from strongest to weakest pages, resulting in the distribution of website strength across the entire site 

Quality Asset Creation.

To ensure we have a steady flow of new customers into our funnel whilst building brand awareness for Discount Party Warehouse in the boutique skin care market, we produced and launched a set of tailored video ads on Facebook & Instagram. 

To truly communicate the range and experience Discount Party Warehouse offers online, we thought it will be best to design and produce custom marketing material such as videos, images, emails, and website graphics.

Video Production

Produced several video commercials for Facebook & Instagram.

Image Ad Design

Graphic design for our image adverts on all platforms.

Email Campaigns

Designing and scheduling monthly email marketing campaigns.

Testimonial Ad for Warm Individuals

Dynamic Product Remarketing

“Absolute pleasure to work with this experienced team of professionals. They are now an integral part of our team who are perfectly tailored for small, medium & large businesses to generate leads and strategies.”

Deepak Gidwani

Managing Director

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Join 5,000+ businesses​

Smashing revenue goals with our weekly insights


Increase in Online Leads


Increase in Online Leads


Increase in Online Leads


Increase in Online Leads