Leveraging eCommerce-style digital marketing funnels to increase Grand Reve’s leads by 67%

With our specialist integrated marketing approach.

What we achieved.

A selection of the goals we achieved for Tasman Eco.

Increase in New Leads Month-on-month Over
10 Months

Position for
“Criminal Defence Lawyers” Starting.

Increase in Searches for “Grand Reve” Online

The challenge.

Grand Reve is a reputable name throughout North West Sydney for their collection of high-end, luxury real estate crafted from the experienced and passionate mind of award-winning Kassis Homes. During his 25 years in the business, Sam Kassis has taken pride in designing unique, works of art through his outstanding workmanship, creating a new benchmark for luxurious living in the Hills.
Grand Reve engaged AEK Media to help revitalise their social media marketing after facing challenges with acquiring buyers. They wanted to educate, encourage and reassure buyers about the value in their quality craftmanship.
Our biggest challenge was to bring awareness to potential customers about Grand Reve in Sydney, as competitors and bad press for local developments created sceptics within the Sydney property buyers’ minds. This posed a unique challenge to set Grand Reve apart from the rest and to truly communicate their outstanding quality compared to other Sydney projects.

Key Issue

  • Bad stigmas of local developments affecting general leadsOvershadowing quality concerns created of other local developers created a challenge to acquiring new leads. We needed to develop content-rich connected social ad stories which focused on educating about Grand Reve’s differences, whilst nurturing and re-assuring buyers through varying stages of the buying process.

Goals for growth.

Our core goals to acheive digital success for Grand Reve.

Dominate the Sydney Market

Reach and target customers from the local, regions, then branching into out-of-Area buyers to their different concerns. Educate and Communicate Grand Reve's USPS

Educate and Communicate Grand Reve's USPS

Communicate the craftmanship and reassure customers at each part of their journey to address key considerations and educate them on the project.

Marketing Funnel and Heatmap to Understand Buyer Journey

Refine Grand Reve's marketing efforts by analysing the customer journey with heatmaps and screen recording.

Our approach.

It was clear that Grand Reve needed a tailored response to effectively position them within the Sydney market by effectively communicating the unique features of the project, which was a unique approach given the simplistic digital marketing popular within the real-estate industry. Therefore, a more customised, ecommerce-like multi-stage funnel with content-rich ads were essential to drive new leads by reaching in- market buyers throughout their purchasing journey and effectively communicating Grand Reve’s points of difference.

Tailored Facebook Ads to Scout for In-Market Buyers

We designed and produced custom, high-intent videos tailored for Facebook's user behaviour to attract new customers to start building our sales funnel.

Targeted Re-marketing Funnel

Established a tailored set of remarketing campaigns that nurtured potential buyers into leads.

Target audience & strategy.

As an already reputable name throughout North West Sydney for their collection of high-end, luxury real estate, we knew that we also had to adjust our messaging for out of area buyers to help educate them on the area in addition to the project itself. 

At these early stages, we chose a subset of audiences that consisted of the following scenarios:
  • North West Sydney and Local Buyers looking for high-quality living within the area
  • First time buyers looking for information on purchasing and buying a new home.
  • Investors looking for a quality investment to add to their portfolio.
  • Out-of-area buys interested in finding out about the local area and the housing options available.
  • Homeowners looking for Apartment Living

By concentrating on these audiences, with a strong focus creating educational, content-rich ads we were able to target and attract potential buyers looking for something new and different within the area.

Messaging that matter.

Tailored Messaging to Match Each Buyer's

We developed a multi-staged marketing flow that addressed the key pain points throughout each step of a buyer’s journey, improve paid advertising quality score whilst reducing acquisition cost.

Connected Ad stories
communicating beautiful
workmanship and USP

We created detailed, highly involved connected ad ‘stories’ that told a content-rich narrative highlighting Grand Reve’s team history and quality of previous work and followed previous buyer’s purchasing journey.

Location & strategy.

Customised multi-stage funnel with connected social ads to reach Sydney in-market buyers.
We deployed an ecommerce-like, multi-stage funnel with content-rich, connected social ad stories which focussed on educating, nurturing and re-assuring buyers through varying stages of the buying process – consequently resolving Grand Reve’s positioning issue.
We deployed an ecommerce-like, multi-stage funnel with content-rich, connected social ad stories which focussed on educating, nurturing and re-assuring buyers through varying stages of the buying process – consequently resolving Grand Reve’s positioning issue.

50.9% Penetration of North West’s Population.

Whilst keeping the set target brand awareness in mind, we have managed to target 259,000 Individuals in the Northwest alone with an average of 6.9 average view times per user.

New Educational Advertising material for potential out-of-area buyers.

We produced new advertising material that clearly educated potential out-of-area buyers on the project's location and local features, which lead to a 50% increase in conversion rate in out-of-area campaigns.

Helping the sales team.

Helping the sales team educate potential buyers about the project with layered stories that provided key, unique aspects of the project in a manner that’s easily absorbed by buyers was key to help bring warmer leads.
By layering detailed information on our ads, we are able to educate our audience at every step of their buying journey. This resulted in a smoother transition from lead to conversion based on the feedback from the sales agents.

Social media strategy that complemented other sales channels.

Grand Reve was also investing in other marketing channels such as domain.com.au & bus advertising. We wanted to arm Grand Reve with a social media marketing strategy that complemented these efforts.
Top of funnel


We produced custom video & image ads that were tailored the marketing platform, and leveraged to “scout” for potential leads currently in-market.

YouTube Awareness AdPromoting the Apartment USPs to new-to-area Audience

Targeting In-Area Audience Promoting Apartment USPs

Building Trust with the Developer to Break Stigma of the Apartments within the Area

Social Proof of In-Area Testimonial Ad

Middle of the funnel


Build the confidence to convert with on-the-fence buyers by segmenting audiences and delivering personalised narratives based on their concerns.
Bottom of funnel


Address the key friction points identified in the buying journey to convert new, potential buyers into leads. This tailored messaging and approach helped result in a 75% reduction in cost per lead.

Building Urgency to Close On-the-fence Buyers

Addressing the Largest Dropped-off Point on the Website with a Pricing Guide Lead Format

Hear from our client.

“On behalf of McGrath Projects and Kassis Homes, I would like to acknowledge the challenging work Flynn, Preet and the AEK team have undertaken. Their efforts have dramatically increased the Grand Reve branding and awareness which has resulted in a higher volume of qualified leads directly enquiring on the project”

Adam Sparkes

Associate Director

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