How Tasman Eco Achieved an Average 115% Month-on-month Growth in Sales

With our specialist integrated marketing approach.

What we achieved.

A selection of the goals we achieved for Tasman Eco.

Avg. Month-on-month Sales Growth

Search Impressions on Google

Return on Ad Spend

The challenge.

Tasman Eco specialises in creating beautiful and practical nursery furniture, with their experience and expertise that have made them a trusted brand within Australia. Their vision to help new parents create beautiful nursery spaces using globally sourced sustainable material, has helped more than one million Australian parents raise their own families.
Tasman Eco engaged AEK Media to help develop an Ecommerce platform and create a digital growth strategy that appropriately educated parents about the Tasman Eco brand, its values and their products.
Our biggest challenge was to bring awareness to potential customers about Tasman Eco in Australia as they had no previous online presence, no past advertising and limited social data content.
Another challenge that AEK faced was that Tasman Eco had limited customer behaviour and profiles. With our goal to grow their social media presence, it was crucial that we put procedures into place for them to analyse real customer behaviour, targeted key considerations of buyers, understand the conversion rate of new customers by developing a Good, Better, Best merchandising strategy going forward.

Key Issue

Limited Advertising, Customer & Behaviour Data

With the lack of resources to understand the conversion rate of new customers , we needed to develop a Good, Better, Best merchandising strategy and implement heatmap and screen-recording data to track the behaviour through their site.

No Social Presence

With limited online presence or content-rich social media, it was essential we create a successful digital presence building on brand awareness and establishing them within a competitive online baby furniture marketplace.

No previous
eCommerce Sales

Goals for growth.

Our core goals to achieve digital success for Tasman Eco.

Dominate Online Presence

Reach more of our target customers across all points of the customer journey.

Develop an Ecommerce Platform

Scale while successfully driving considerable ecommerce growth and maintaining a strong profit margin to fund future growth.

Rich Data Collection

Reach and target customers at each point in their journey to address the key considerations of buyers and analyse real customer behaviour.

Our approach.

By approaching Tasman Eco’s social media campaign with a sophisticated and visually compelling multi-stage social funnel, we achieved a reach to over 390,000 parents in under a year, whilst successfully driving considerable ecommerce growth.
We worked with Tasman Eco to build awareness of their brand in Australia and leverage targeted social media marketing campaign by creating a variety of ad stories that guided and captured parents through the multiple stages in their buying journey.
We used a strategic approach that stretched our low budget, while also providing a solution with specific product recommendations through various customised funnels, educational ads and custom ads for hero products, select categories, products and customer personas with a consistent tone to our collateral across all mediums.

Scouting Ads for New Potential Customers

We designed and produced scouting ads, to educate and attract potential buyers on the brand to start building our Middle of Funnel Campaigns

Educational Discovery and Catalogue Remarketing Ads to Re-engage Visitors

We introduced educational discovery ads with buying and catalogue guides into our integrated social media marketing strategy to reach new customers from an entirely new angle and then retargeted readers with ads highlighting hero products and products of interest.

Upsell Ads to Increase AOV

We created Upsell Ads to establish common pathways between products, upsell to new customers and increase Tasman Eco’s average order value.

Target audience & strategy.

As an already established business with limited online presence, it was essential that we created a successful digital presence leveraging a multi-channel strategy, that balanced their direct-to-consumer goals and existing relationships with stockists to ensure the long-term success of the brand

At these early stages, we chose a subset of audiences that consisted of the following scenarios:
  • Soon-to-be mom’s experiencing a “nesting” period with a need to begin preparing for their baby’s birth
  • Like-Minded customers looking for sustainability-focused, high-quality materials, that aligned with Tasman Eco’s brand values.
  • New parents looking for beautiful nursery spaces and furniture.

By concentrating on these audiences, with a strong focus on creating a content-rich social media experience, we were able to customise Tasman Eco’s social media presence around brand awareness, educational guides and product awareness to establish them within the competitive online baby furniture marketplace.

It's all about the data.

The Good, Better, Best Merchandising

We worked closely with Tasman Eco to develop a Good, Better, Best merchandising strategy, that allowed them to scale their top-of-funnel campaigns profitably alone which increased margins for all additional customers that would convert which allowed us to scout for audiences with a high-converting frontline offer and upsell higher-value customers to the more premium furniture within their range.

Analysing Real Customer Data
and Behaviour

To gain insight, expand their limited customer data and analyse unique behaviour patterns, we installed heatmap and screen-recording data to track the behaviour through their site. Developing this functionality allowed us to introduce ‘Bundles’ and targeted follow-up campaign ads from the data collected. These ads would be presented to customers who had viewed individual items so they could complete their purchase in a much shorter journey.

A holistic approach to the customer journey.

To provide the best possible experience throughout each interaction a customer had with Tasman Eco, we introduced the following touchpoints:

Scouting Video Ads to Qualify In-market Audiences

Custom Hero Product Pages to Educate Visitors

Follow-up Video Ads introducing the Bundles as Upsells

Automated Email Campaigns to Touch Base

Search Engine Optimisation.

Tailored Content Strategy and Tailored ads to Drive Organic Growth
  • We worked with Tasman to create educational buying and catalogue guides that aimed to reach new customers from an entirely new angle. We also used retargeting ads highlighting hero products, products of interest and specific product recommendations.
  • This turned into a key part of our marketing funnel, with education and brand awareness playing a critical part of our integrated marketing strategy across all digital touchpoints.
  • Upselling and scouting ads established common pathways between products to upsell to new and existing customers and increase Tasman Eco’s average order value. This turned into a key part of our Middle of Funnel Campaigns, by educating customers on the Tasman Eco’s range, unique selling points and demonstrating the value of Tasman Eco’s products.
  • To maximise the conversion rate of new customers, we worked closely with Tasman Eco to develop a Good, Better, Best merchandising strategy that allowed us to scout for audiences with a high-converting frontline offer and guiding higher-value customers to the more premium furniture within their range.

Maximise our presence in the Google results page.

To enhance our visibility to in-market audiences searching online, our strategy encapsulated all placements within the SERP.
This included:
  • Google Shopping Ads to promote Key products
  • Organic ranking for our Category Pages
  • Capture ‘considering’ customers with Buying Guides

Quality Asset Creation.

To ensure we have a steady flow of new customers and returning customers into our funnel, whilst building brand awareness for Tasman Eco, we produced and launched a set of Scouting Ads, educational ads and upselling ads on Facebook and Instagram.
To truly communicate the brand, their values, their products, and as part of our integrated social media marketing strategy, we designed and produced custom marketing material such as; Dynamic Educational Ads, Discovery Ads with Buying Guides and Catalogue Remarketing Ads.

Scouting Ads

Created and introduced optimised, 15 second animations that allowed us to start promoting Tasman Eco across all key placements on social at a low-cost.

Upsell Ads to Increase AOV

Intergrated social media marketing campaigns to upsell to new customers and increase Tasman Eco’s average order value.

Dynamic Catalogue and Discover Ads

Creation of Educational guides, remarketing ads, custom ads across all digital touchpoints.

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“Totally Professional and have a very good understanding on developing a fully functional Ecommerce platform that delivers results. Great bunch of guys to work with who are always willing to listen to our thoughts and ideas. We see them as a long term partner as we grow our online platforms. ”

Steve Cenatiempo

Director at Tasman Eco