How we grew Oricom’s sales by 130% month-on-month in 6 months.

With our specialist integrated marketing approach.

What we achieved.

A selection of the goals we achieved for Tasman Eco.

Avg. Month-on-month Increase in Sales Online

Increase in Brand Search on Google

Return on Ad Spend on Google Ads

The challenge.

Oricom is an Australian-owned business that has been providing communication and monitoring technologies since 2003. Oricom had experienced wide success with in-store and online retail stockists, especially with their success for designing and creating leading Australian baby monitors. As Oricom’s technology progressed, it was crucial for their online presence to grow alongside it.

While Oricom had a notable presence in the Baby Care Market prior to working with AEK Media, they lacked a holistic digital channel that they could rely on for business growth. We were faced with the challenges of establishing Oricom’s online presence in Baby Care categories and leveraging all digital platforms to reach their target customers while maintaining a sustainable cost structure.

Also, with no historical data to infer from, we had to map out an entire strategy to help the brand achieve a sustainable growth rate within 6 months. Additionally, this newly developed website would then have to go up against private-funded companies without a budget limit. This meant, we had to develop a cost-sustainable strategy that would also reach customers in the most important points of their buying journey.

Key Issue

No Historical Data

With no historical data to leverage, we needed to map out an entirely new strategy to grow the brand sustainably.

Non-converting landing pages

Revamp the entire website with strategic and optimised content, structure and performance.

No concept of online marketing funnel

Create a full-funnel marketing strategy from scratch, customised for Oricom and its target market.

Goals for growth.

Our core goals to achieve digital success for Oricom.

Build Oricom’s Online Presence In The Key Categories

Establish a Sustainable Growth Strategy

Educate Current Customers & Reach New Audience

Empowering retailers with the trust of Oricom’s brand.

To help improve the conversion rate of their website and online retailers, we’ve integrated Product Review to show their product ratings across all marketing placements.

The growth of Oricom’s brand.

As a result of this reach into new markets, Oricom’s brand familiarly increased by 50% with over 5,500 people searching for Oricom each month. Retailers can leverage this increased brand awareness in the market to grow sales.

Conversion Focused Landing Page.

We created a conversion-optimised landing page to address the main friction points of the customer’s buying journey. The page effectively navigated customers through the complexities of their hero product and to educate them on Oricom’s point of difference whilst optimising sales presence.

  • In-depth information about their Hero product through pages that effectively educated customers on and communicated the true value of those products.
  • Presenting a structured curation of Oricom’s hero products to direct customers towards relevant pages as per their needs.
  • Add-Ons introduced to cater to common cart purchases, thus increasing AOV.
  • Add-Ons introduced to cater to common cart purchases, thus increasing AOV.
  • Notify Me functionality introduced to ensure searchability and ranking remained during restock.
  • Introduced reviews from other sites via partnership with reviewing platforms to increase customer trust.
  • Aptly optimised the website for all devices given the growing customer base of mobile users.
  • Improved website performance to enhance user experience.

Our approach.

Our first order of business was to design a comprehensive and well-planned landing page that communicated the functions and the true value of Oricom’s products.
The designed landing page walked customers through their hero product, the Babysense7, while introducing them to a curated range of other products channel different customers with different buying needs efficiently and effectively.
We then launched strategic paid ad campaigns across all channels to reach potential customers funneling them into different product pages followed by automated email flows to re-engage with them.
Also, bearing in mind that we were going up against private-funded companies with limitless budgets, we were prudent with our ad spend, adjusting our keyword strategy to ensure sustainable growth by reaching the right people for the right intent.

Facebook Commercial for New Audiences

We designed and produced a custom, high-intent video tailored for Facebook Advertising to attract new customers to start building our sales funnel.

Targeted Re-marketing Funnel

Established a tailored remarketing campaign that targeted our warm audience.

Introduced Tailored Marketing Funnel

We implemented an integrated marketing strategy where when people search for cosmetic brands, we are present on Google Shopping and organic listing.

The Key Steps to a Successful Strategy.

Reaching Intent Audience at a Lower Cost

In order to maintain margins, it is extremely important that we drive the right traffic to Oricom’s website and keep traffic costs low.

Layered storytelling to help educate customers on Oricom and its products which built trust and an ongoing interest in their offerings.

Given the competitive market of baby care products not only online, but in local stores; it was crucial we cut through the noise by introduced a layered strategy that reached customers at each stage in their buying journey. This included ‘scouting’ ads that would qualify new in-market customers, and sales-focused ads that drove incentive in the final stage of consideration to purchase.

Breaking down a successful Google Shopping strategy.

Our shopping campaign setup is extremely important for driving the first layer of “intent” traffic to our website. A poor setup can be costly, especially Google Shopping is extremely expensive when you are competing against large enterprises. With the following executions we are able to maintain an average 10x return on ad spend on our Shopping campaigns.

Setting Up Negative Filters

The keywords that you are targeting on Google Shopping depend on your product listing, and oftentimes, we are not able to control which keywords our campaign should target. Therefore, it’s extremely important to set up a negative adjustment on your keywords to ensure you are keeping your budget ultra-focused.

Setting Up Campaign Priorities

Working with a large budget, you want to effectively measure how well your keyword targeting performs. We’ve set up a split targeting campaign for one of their best-selling items. Where the first campaign will target only their brand keywords and general terms for the other one. By doing this, we’re able to keep the cost steadily low for general terms and scale the campaign effectively.

YouTube Awareness AdPromoting the Apartment USPs to new-to-area Audience

Targeting In-Area Audience Promoting Apartment USPs

Quality Asset Creation.

To fully convey the value of Oricom’s products, it was critical to demonstrate their functions and capabilities in their paid ads. Whilst establishing online brand awareness, we produced and launched highly detailed ads across Google, Facebook and Instagram highlighting their hero products.
Our core marketing message for these hero products was “Delivering Ultimate Peace of Mind”, mainly targeted toward new parents. To communicate this, we created a narrative to comprehensively educate customers on the safety and value provided by Oricom’s range of functional products.
Using a structured Google campaign based on keyword research of buyer intent, we designed and launched ads to impart the messaging. Once the initial presence was established, we educated the interested audience on the USPs of Oricom’s best-selling items and introduced ‘packages’ featuring a group of items often bought together in order to increase average order value.

Video Production

Our video ads were designed around the goal of providing potential customers a better insight into Oricom products by educating them about their uses, benefits and functionalities. We did this through custom animated ads, in house video production and UGC Content creation

Image Ad Design

As image ads remain the most cost-effective type of ad to reach customers, we used them to complement the video ads and create an incentive to make a purchase with promotions.

Hear from our client.

“Preet, Flynn and the team at AEK have helped transform our Digital Strategy across the Oricom Baby Care category. Their attention to detail and understanding of key brand focus, paired with their aligned vision for sales return and growth, the team have shown us the way on Google platforms and other Social Media advertising spaces. Utilising clever landing page design and a strategic approach to dominating the assigned category, the team have kept a careful eye on all of their proposed plans and audiences, to ensure best budget allocation. The start of a great working relationship moving forward.”

Marlene Silva

Marketing Coordinator Oricom International Pty Ltd

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