Maxiom's SEO Soars to Top 3 Law Search Results in Melbourne with a 61.2% Surge in Organic Traffic

Services we supported Maxiom Injury Lawyers with:

SEO Keyword Progress in the first 3 months

Transactional intent



Position for “Melbourne Injury Lawyers”



Position for “Asbestos Lawyers”



Position for “Road Accident Lawyers”

Informational intent


Position for “Workers Compensation Payout guide”


Position for “Workers Compensation Lump sum settlements”


Position for “Injury Claims”


Position for “Personal Injury Lawsuit”

The challenge.

Maxiom Law has been on the mission of helping Injured Victorians deserve legal representation. The law firm gained a reputation of tenacious lawyers who fight for their clients relentlessly. Despite a large number of 5-star Google reviews the firm’s digital presence did not generate the desired results.

The biggest challenge that we experienced for Maxiom Injury Law was the lack of a coherent and integrated SEO strategy, including lack of competitiveness in commercial keywords such as lawyer-based or location-based search terms.

In addition, Maxiom’s digital presence was affected by poor site migration that resulted in deleting crucial pages and breaking the links, which only “confused” Google with what Maxiom actually offered.

Key Issue

Countering the
downward trend ​

Experiencing a huge keyword drop - poor website migration done by the previous marketing agency

Not ranking for
crucial keyword​s

Ranking for crucial keywords means attracting the majority of organic traffic and potential customers within your industry.​​

Goals for growth.

Our core goals to achieve digital success for Maxiom Injury Lawyers.

Improve website traffic with relevant content

Reach and target customers from the local, regions, then branching into out-of-area clients to their different concerns.​

Educate and Communicate Maxiom's Mission​

Communicate the craftmanship and reassure customers at each part of their journey to address key considerations and educate them on the help they will receive.​

Increase the Number of Highly Qualified Leads​

Focus on creating compelling and targeted content, optimising the website for search engines, and implementing effective lead capture strategies

Our approach.

With more websites ranking in the middle of page 1 on Google, we needed to put focus on each component of Maxiom’s SEO strategy with individual approach to each page so that we can climb up to the top 3 where the majority of traffic is.

Building Maxiom's SEO Authority: Strategic Outreach and Website Partnerships​

In order to establish authority of Maxiom’s SEO strategy, we’ve hand-selected and have reached out to the following website to try to get an understanding of what’s required from our end to get listed on their website. ​

Optimising Online Visibility: 
Keyword and Competitor Research

We focused on the keyword and competitor research to find the most relevant keywords and content, tailored to Maxiom’s industry. ​

Harnessing the Power of Articles: Nurturing, Educating, and Establishing Expertise​

Articles are a powerful way to nurture and educate your audience, and validate your expertise and relevance to Google. ​

Target audience & strategy.

As a reputable law firm in Melbourne, renowned for a tenacious approach, we recognised the importance of adjusting Maxiom's messaging to different client segments. Our objective was to educate them about their rights in case of accidents where they’re victims due to accidents or medical negligence , ensuring they are well-informed and empowered by Maxiom’s content. In order to maximise the effectiveness of our efforts, we focused on audience exclusion to deliver high quality leads to Maxiom Injury Lawyers.

At these early stages, we chose a subset of audiences that consisted of the following scenarios:
  • Medical Negligence
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Road Accidents
  • Public Liability

Messaging that matter.

Tailored Messaging to Match Each Client's Journey.

We developed a multi-staged marketing flow that addressed the key pain points throughout each step of a client’s journey to improve paid advertising quality score whilst reducing acquisition cost.

Connected Ad stories that segment and targety different scenarios

We created detailed, highly involved connected ad ‘stories’ that told a content-rich narrative highlighting Maxiom’s expertise in the field of injury law.

Social media strategy that complemented the SEO strategy.

Solid SEO strategy is one aspect of an integrated marketing strategy, however, it’s hard to see To maximise Maxiom’s ROI, we’ve built a marketing funnel that targets and qualifies the right audience based on the thorough SEO research, backed up with highly tailored ads campaigns and content rich website optimisation.

Hear from our client.

“On behalf of McGrath Projects and Kassis Homes, I would like to acknowledge the challenging work Flynn, Preet and the AEK team have undertaken. Their efforts have dramatically increased the Grand Reve branding and awareness which has resulted in a higher volume of qualified leads directly enquiring on the project”

Sach Fernando

Founder & Principal Lawyer

Don’t just take our word for it.

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Sach Fernando, Principal Lawyer
Personal Injury law firm in Melbourne

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